A Message of Gratitude


Screen capture of Message of Gratitude from Her Honour

A Message of Gratitude

From the Lieutenant Governor

I wish to express my gratitude to Prince Edward islanders for choosing to follow the health directives of our Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison and her team.

We all have had difficulty processing the reality of life during this pandemic.  Islanders have made a responsible decision to do their part in helping to contain the spread of the virus.  By doing our part, the long-term impact on families and communities have been reduced.

In addition, making a daily practice of gratitude:  being truly grateful for the leadership, resources and supports available to Islanders, can truly transform our thoughts and actions.  Choosing to be grateful is the healthy choice for body, mind and spirit for it creates a positive attitude which in turn produces positive results.

On behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, I thank Islanders for your commitment to doing your part by staying apart.

I encourage you to continue doing what we do best; taking care of each other with kindness, patience and generosity.  Together, we can and will Renew P.E.I.


Honourable Antoinette Perry